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Free and open source firewall for iPhone

Lockdown blocks all apps (not just the browser) from connecting to domains and services you don't trust. It's fully customizable and includes preconfigured block lists for stopping Crypto Mining, Email Tracking (beta), Facebook SDK, and more.
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Hey Hunters and Huntresses, Lockdown's goal is to give you control of the apps and sites you use, by blocking apps from secretly connecting to third parties like Facebook, advertisement/marketing companies, location harvesting firms, email tracking servers, and more. Don't want your health apps to send your heart rate to Mark Zuckerberg? Enable "Facebook SDK" blocking. Don't want your phone to overheat from mining Bitcoin for some dude in Russia? Enable "Crypto Mining" blocking. Don't want to send your exact GPS coordinates to the email sender just to read their email? Enable "Email Tracking (beta)" blocking. And so on. You get the idea. You can add your own custom domains and IPs to block, too. Anyway, Lockdown is not perfect yet and definitely has a few bugs, so here's where you come in: we wanted to get this in your hands ASAP so you could tell us how to improve it. Our main focus for improvement is increasing the quantity and accuracy of the preconfigured "block lists", and we're going to try to release updates every few days to improve these lists. A few awesome and unique qualities of Lockdown: - Open Source: The last thing you want is your "security" product to literally be spyware (*cough* Onavo Facebook VPN *cough*), so obviously, any firewall you use should be 100% open source. - On-Device: Just like Vegas, everything you do in Lockdown, stays in Lockdown. There's no connections to third party analytics, or tap tracking, or A/B testing servers, or whatever fancy tools kids are using these days. This way, everything you do stays private to you. - World's Simplest Privacy Policy: Here's the entirety of it (July 23rd, 2019) - "Everything Lockdown does stays on your device, so what you see is literally what you get, and nothing more or less, because that's the way it should be." Oh, and Lockdown is free, so go download it, and please tell your friends to download it too. Lock down your apps, Johnny
@johnnylin I really think products like this are the future. Imagine a world where mobile phone makers were required to include these type of features in the OS? Feels almost essential in the age we live in.
I've been using the similar Guardian app, but I really like the simplicity and open-source nature of this product. Anything that is open-source and works on-device is off to a good start in my book.
Do you feel like you understand how the data you generate on your mobile phone is being used by apps and websites?
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The app needs a bit refinement. But the idea and possibility is great! THANKS