Lock & Key by Baron Fig

A notebook and pen set with a six level cypher.

Treasured ideas are meant to be kept safe. Like a key to a lock, a notebook and pen are made for each other to uncover mysteries—and conceal those of your own.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
This is one of our most beautiful and complex limited editions to date. Enjoy!
@joeycofone Dang it Joey, I just purchased the gray squire pen on Friday (still waiting for it to arrive) but I would have far preferred this set!
@krispuckett Hah! There's always something new on the horizon. You'll majorly dig the Squire you ordered—don't feel like you missed out. :)
@joeycofone Grass is always greener. I'm replacing a brass pen from Tanner that literally tears my finger up. My wife got me the pen when we were dating. I'm definitely excited about the squire, but love the brass of this special edition.
Really enjoyed making the Lock & Key set, and appreciate all the support of the PH community! There's even a hidden puzzle with a reward for those curious enough to solve it :0
I really like Baron Fig products, their notebooks are my go-to gift. This set is the first product I bought for myself, really looking forward to receiving it soon!
@eightbitjoker Thanks Angelo much appreciated! Hope you enjoy the set!
@eightbitjoker Angelo, right on. Thanks for the props—glad you dig what we're up to. Enjoy!
Great job!! Very innovative I must say 😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush appreciate it!
They accept bitcoin!
@jwhiteux Thanks Justin we do! We're big supporters here.