Evaluate design decisions powered by eye tracking

Loceye uses web-based eye tracking to provide insights to brands, agencies, and market researchers.
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At a glance it seems amazing, maybe the "calibraton" could be shorter, but i need to test it out more


Heatmaps and gaze history


Pricing is way too high and not easily accesible, they are still in private beta

@dantnad Thank you for the feedback! Our next steps are to iterate on the pricing model and help Designers/Marketers conduct their own Eye Tracking studies without spending a lot. For the calibration screen as you mentioned, we would also love to make the experience smoother and shorter and we are striving to make a breakthrough!
The amazon turk for eye tracking. That said EyeQuant is usually a cheaper alternative!
@maebert Eye Quant is focused on predicting the outcome of the first 3 seconds. Thus you cannot understand what will happen in longer sessions. Moreover, aesthetics and attention distribution across designs is changing month by month, but Eye Quant have been trained with Eye Tracking data from a university that used specific hardware. That means limitation to the scaling of the data they have gathered, because you cannot bring 100 people in your lab in one day, biased users due to the hardware and that they cannot acquire data continiously. On the other hand we provide a panel of testers to look at your designs, and we ensure our clients that will get back 100% accurate data back and time ordered.