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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 22, 2016
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Hey Product Hunt! We built Locent to help physicians and their assistants easily exchange clinical documents. Think of us as software that replaces fax machines in clinical settings. We reimagined the process of exchanging clinical documents for the era of electronic medical records, allowing clinicians to resolve and monitor exchanges with a single command. A few quick thoughts for context: ---We're a multi-channel service, meaning we send and receive documents through a range of different communication formats. At this time, we support fax, regular mail, email, SMS and direct message (intra-EMR). ---We focus on primary care providers and specialists that manage sensitive patient information. While our product fits a wide range of different clinical users, we cater especially to facilities that exchange a high volume of documents subject to HIPAA protection. ---We make clinical document exchange complementary to electronic medical records. In its best form, Locent *automatically* sends and requests documents based on triggers in electronic medical records. This reduces administrative/diagnostic errors while also saving time spent sending and confirming receipt of clinical reports. ---We get you started in minutes and tailor to your needs over time. Signing up and creating a basic clinical document workflow takes no time at all. We help manage patient consent as needed and work quickly towards EMR integration. At full implementation, we shave minutes from each document exchange and ultimately recover you thousands of dollars in lost productivity from physicians and their assistants in the course of a year. If you have any comments or issues, don’t hesitate to email me at matt@locent.com. Feedback is appreciated!
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@_mattjoseph @locent this is cool guys - there are so many SMS based products right now, so good timing! i love your clean design, but how would you summarize your focus / differentiation from other services such as @sendsonar?
@_pulkitagrawal @locent @sendsonar There are a lot of companies betting on SMS to solve a range of different problems. On the surface, @sendsonar is solving general communication/cust serv problems whereas we're solving primarily clinical operations problems. The products are different, as are the target customers.
@_mattjoseph @_pulkitagrawal @locent @sendsonar Although we do focus on high-touch communication, it is not restricted to just customer support. We see a wide range of topics such as sales, status updates, commerce, and of course, marketing (we have great marketing features). Cool product though, will check it out ;)
@matthewberman @_mattjoseph @locent @sendsonar thanks for the clarification! I guess market is big enough and growing, so plenty of space for different angles / use cases. Knowing your target buyer is great though -- seems Locent is super tight on that (marketers) and although Sonar seems to be widely applicable, I wonder if having clear propositions for the different buyers (different landing pages or something) would help
Very cool! It gives us another (interesting) dimension to interact with our customers.
Glad to hunt this. You can learn alot about a founder/ team by watching how they navigate a pivot. I'm impressed. Matt is one of the smartest and scrappiest founders I know. Question - are there any particular verticals you're targeting or seeing early traction in?
@jhtdc Thanks for the kind words Jason - we worked primarily with private practices and clinics to build out our current feature suite. We're seeing greatest adoption from primary care physicians and specialists. Over time our goal is to build a suite of telecommunications products that integrate with EMRs, meaning we plan to roll out products catered to a much wider range of clinical communication than our present focus on the fax machine.
@_mattjoseph @jhtdc Thanks for the info fellas.
This is great and I've been waiting a while for somebody to build this. Do you have plans for custom phone numbers (happy to pay more) soon? MMS support? Sorry to be the customer asking for more features :)
@jasonlbaptiste Great to hear that and thanks for checking us out! Both are on our roadmap - vanity long/short codes and images really enhance the subscriber experience. Look out for them in the next ~2-3 months.
@_mattjoseph Awesome. also is there the ability to add a subscriber manually without the need for them to confirm? Looking to potentially use this for a few thousand subscribers.
@jasonlbaptiste The TCPA requires us to get opt-ins for all subscribers. The government basically applied the same protections built for phone telemarketing to text messaging. There are certain exceptions however for healthcare providers so it depends on your use case. Email me and we can talk through it.
This is awesome! I would love to learn a little bit more about what is categorized as a "Custom Messaging Campaign" under your Starter package? I also am interested in your integration with ai chat bots!
@as_austin Glad you like it! Custom campaigns are any additional documents that you may want to send independently of our default options. We've seen everything from flu season messages to new service announcements. If you sign up for a free or starter account we'll let you know when you can use Chatbots - we're testing their interactivity now and will phase them in over the coming months. PS love the gif!
@_mattjoseph Awesome answer Matt! I'm a huge fan of Chatbots and extremely excited for this!