Location Diary

Decentralized personal location tracker

Location Diary is an end-to-end encrypted location tracker 🗺️
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Hi 👋 My name is Arthur and I'm a Software Engineer. I wanted to create an app for myself that could track my location and respect my privacy. Say hello to “Location Diary”, an app which allows you to save your location and display your history on a map. All the data is end-to-end encrypted using Blockstack, so only you can read your data. Next, I'd like to add a mobile app to update your location automatically and an import features for people already using a similar service. Let me know what you think! 🙂
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@apuyou we are looking to convert Coposition to blockstack - you May our man!
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This is cool. I have disabled Google's location tracking on my phone for privacy reasons, but feel like I'm missing out from the wealth of data I could be aggregating about myself. Looking forward to a mobile version. I'd recommend having a newsletter of some sort so people can stay up to date with progress.
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@islam_el_ashi1 Thank you so much for your support 😃 I love looking at this data too, that's exactly the idea. There's no newsletter yet, but I'll definitely post updates here and on Twitter (https://twitter.com/locationdiary).
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I'd love a calendar export (to see where i was directly in my calendar), a google maps history import (not sure if possible), and of course the mobile app


Privacy, and access to the raw data (how do i do that ? )


Looked complicated with blockchain, but the setup with blockstack is easy. No mobile app yet.

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