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Hi Guys, Joe Here. Locate aims to remove the need to type, write and say your full address ever again. This is done by shortening your address to a unique 6 digit alphanumeric code (we call this a Locate ID). Locate came about from the sheer frustration of what seemed to be the need to endlessly fill out my address in both the online and real 'world'. Whether it be at the checkout online, in the doctors, filling out forms for property brokers or even just sending my address to an old friend or family member who was coming to visit. The scope here his huge i know, however we are working with some of the largest e-commerce vendors such as magneto and shopify to create a Locate extension for easy and simple integration into the online checkout space. Even more exciting is our experimentation with Facebook Messenger Expression Development. We hope to be able to integrate into messenger so that you can easily send your address to your friends without typing the full address. Simply enter your Locate ID (the 6 digit code) and the recipient will then be able to simply click on the Locate ID and be immediately taken to the the mapping app of there choice , focusing in on the address linked to that Locate ID. Finally, our API is 100% free to use and access as we want to encourage Locate integration into as many online and offline spaces as possible. Many Thanks, Joe P.s Please fire away with any questions or feedback.
It's awesome! My addressing locate.world is 9JWTZE
@csfalcao thanks Cesar..!!
Great product - really useful. Similar to what3words.com which I personally find an even easier concept. Curious to hear the founders' view on that.
@maxwallenberg hi max, firstly thanks for the feedback. W3W is a really cool tool however I feel we do offer something different. When I search for my address on w3w it does not shorten my address, but rather it has a name for the physical location of my address... The what three words 'code' doesn't actually contain my address info. With locate we arnt trying to replace the address... But rather to shorten the necessary info for the purpose of ease in communicating your address. For example if I'm chatting to my friend and he wants to know where I live or I'm on a checkout page of a website or even entering my address into mapping software, the length of a w3w code doesn't really remove the annoyance of typing my address, as due to the length of my w3w 'code', I may as well type my full address... (there abouts) With Locate you can also specify your apartment and business, as well as have a custom 'locate id' to make the communication of your address even easier. Hope this answers your query.
@joeclose402880 This just doesn't hold water, I'm afraid. (1) "Shorten" address and "contain" address are semantics. Both systems require an independently-maintained database to match up the shortened/coded version to the actual physical location. (2) "...the length of a w3w code doesn't really remove the annoyance of typing my address, as due to the length of my w3w 'code', I may as well type my full address..." Huh? I realize address structure varies from country to country, but my U.S. address is WAY longer and less location-specific than a w3w address. (3) Specifying multiple addresses (apartment, business, etc...). Of course you can do that with w3w, I'm not even sure what you're getting at here. (4) You mention chatting with a friend, which I appreciate, because that's a strength of w3w -- it produces three real words, rather than a string of numerals. I can remember "house.fancy.umbrella" way more easily than I can remember "6P2CBH." And furthermore, with w3w, I can specify specifically the mailbox across the street from my house, or a certain fire hydrant; it's a more specific and concentrated location, rather than just piggy-backing on traditional mailing addresses. For me, that's more useful. I'm not saying Locate is a bad thing, or a bad service -- it's seems slick and useful -- but you haven't come close to defending your position that it's an improvement on w3w.
@zefareu 1) Our database stores all parts of the address itself i.e. county, street number, street etc including Longitude and Latitude. This is then linked in our database to the 6 digit code. 2)/4) In terms of what people remember (3 words or a 6 digit code) i suppose that is down to personal preference. On a checkout page for example i do feel a 6 digit code to fill address fields is much easier than typing a what 3 word 'code' (You can also have a custom locate ID) 3) This may be me been a little silly however if i search the w3w for my apartment (not the block) or a business near me, the address i am navigated to in the mapping does not include the business name or the ability to select my apartment from the block. In terms of piggy backing on the existing address system, this is what we are supposed to do. The system is designed to shorten the traditional system. W3W certainly has the more powerful tools and is fantastically accurate at pinpointing locations, however we are a tool that is designed to simply package up the actual address data, store it in a shorter format and then allow a system, website, app or person to display/use the data it holds.
@joeclose402880 -- Okay, that's more like it! We may disagree about digits v. words, but I do see your point now, thank you.
I love the idea, but I think buy in from the USPS, UPS, and Fedex needs to happen first. Once the mail carriers buy in, I can see the value in the system. Another thing I would want is the ID to be associated with me for life, and not my house, so that I keep the same ID, and I just update my address associated with my ID. Also if you would want this system to take off worldwide, you would need to probably use a 7 digit code. 6 digits only has 2.1 billion possibilities.
@justin_k Hi, Thanks for the feedback. In terms of the mail carriers i 100% agree. This is where the high entry barriers arise for such a product. We are currently working on a number of areas that we feel will establish enough of a user base for them to hear our knock at the door. The advantage we have is that all the usual stuff they need is pinned the the ID and so we wouldn't be asking for a total rewrite of there systems. Just the facility to export what there current system needs from the ID. In terms of the ID associated with you for life, we are currently working on a system whereby you can have a custom Locate ID assigned to an account and from there you can move the address around with you. We are still finalizing this however and we will be giving updates on this via twitter and facebook. The reason we dont have account registration right now is that we are keen to make shortening an address as simple and barrier free as possible. Rest assured however it will come. In terms of upping the number of digits we are keen to make the Locate ID as short as possible. If we reach the 2.1 billion limit we will be in a stronger position to asses an increase in digits.
This is awesome, it seems like one of those things which you know is going to be very helpful, just where and how.