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Localize is the first marketplace where you can find a home without surprises. It’s all about the truth, data-driven insights, and personalized recommendations.
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Hey hunters 👋 We're thrilled to introduce the first real estate marketplace that finds you a great home with data-driven, personalized recommendations. We’re leveling the playing field for buyers and renters with the most powerful force in the world: the truth. There’s nothing worse than finding a home, paying your hard-earned money, moving all your stuff- and then finding out that the fitness class downstairs blasts music at 5 am and the hot water only works every other day. True stories from our users! The “perfect home” is different for everyone, and it’s so much more than square footage or amenities. Yet regular home hunting sites only give you that basic info. Want to know more about what it’s like to live there? You’re on your own. Until now. Localize helps you find a great home that’s just right for your lifestyle. Our team of data scientists, urban planners, cartographers, and designers have one mantra: knowledge is power. We show you which homes are the best fit for your needs, and tell you the whole truth about every home and neighborhood. No surprises or regrets after moving. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind recommendation engine for real estate. Think Netflix, but for houses. Tell us what you want, and Localize will find the right fit. And to help you make the right decision, we don’t hide anything. Find out about building violations, broken elevators, blocked views, new construction, and more. You don’t have to be a real estate guru to know everything. Now you have Localize. Find us now in NYC and Chicago at https://www.localize.city?utm_so... ✨ We'd love to know what you think ✨
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Really cool product! This has the potential to grow a lot. We all took some time to check out houses we can't afford on Zillow. But this is not only about checking a house, it's about everything else related to it (neighborhood, sunlight, proximity of services, etc.) I would love to see this app in Canadian cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and even Quebec city. Great job! P.S. I encountered a bug when searching for a specific type of housing in NYC. The page was loading but then everything was blank. It might be my browser but I thought I'll let you guys know. Cheers!
@bujold19 glad you like it! Canada is definitely in our roadmap, so stay tuned 😎 About the bug - thanks for letting us know, our developers are checking it...
I love that it's super intuitive, easy to use and involves ai. I am in the process of buying a house (in LA) and I get so many spam listings from the big real estate websites. Sometimes, we have to drive to these houses just to see that it's nothing like described or shown in the pictures. As you can imagine, it is a huge waste of time (especially with traffic around here). Are you planning on expanding to other cities, beyond Chicago and NYC?
@davidkovalevski Thanks David!!! We have big plans to expand and scale to additional cities across the US and Canada. Glad to know that there is a demand for us :)
Amazing product. Great job!
@lior_sharon_malka Thanks! Glad you liked it :)
Needed you guys a few years ago 😅 looks great.
@gilad_uziely sorry 😐 next time you will have us 🎉