Locals-only recommendations on the best places to go

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My friend Joah Spearman is the co-founder. I like the curated approach to recommendations... not all the things, but the things you really should be doing to experience any particular city. I was in Austin a short time ago and was in "eat BBQ" mode and loved that I could get the local take on the best spot, not the most well known one.
@guygal let's get spearman in the convo! (wassup guy!!!)
@eriktorenberg he's on his way! (I missed you too!!)
@eriktorenberg @guygal Thank you guys! Appreciate you sharing what we're doing Guy.
@joahspearman I added Localeur to my curation of great products/services that Airbnb hosts should know about: http://www.producthunt.com/tech/.... It's a non-obvious choice but one I think would be great customer service to let guests know about and decide if this is for them (see the "Guest Activity Recco's" section. Cheers!
@anujadhiya thanks for the add and heads up! I definitely agree it's a helpful resource for hosts and goes much further than piece of paper with some recs. Here's a good read on the Airbnb ecosystem of which we're included: http://www.web-strategist.com/bl...
@joahspearman Super - thanks for the link - looks like I got almost all the ones on that list :). Cheers!
@Chikodi Thank you! Much appreciated.