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This looks really interesting. If I have understood LocalBini correctly, the idea is for travellers to have an experience with a 'private guide' within a specific city or location. Is the intention to purely focus on niche/unique experiences versus what is probably already available and well known for in the city? For example, a museum tour versus hidden city gems etc Also, do you know when you plan on launching in London? Regards, Anthony
@anthony_stylianou Hello Anthony, Thank you very much for your comment and your interest. Yes exactly! If you see my comment below, I have given a few examples of the tours we will be offering. We have also begun interviewing our BiniGuides on our blog so that travellers can find out more about their passion, and get to know them a little better. Our blog link is here: http://biniblog.localbini.com/ We are planning to launch in London in 2017, as well as Rome. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards, Charlotte
LocalBini was born with the realisation that people are the key to memorable experiences. We have created a platform that will change the way travellers experience their destinations, bringing people in touch with like-minded locals who share their interests and passions. It brings me great pleasure to introduce our experience marketplace! LocalBini provides an alternative to mass tourism experiences, our platform features exclusive one-of-kind experiences that have been personally created by our passionate BiniGuides. We have launched in PARIS this week, here are a few of our exceptional tours: Experience a Gothic day and Jazz night excursion with Maurizio. A voyageur, musician, and adventurer. Discover the French vineyards with Catherine, the passionate Maître sommelier. Attend a secret shopping experience with Tess, a gemologist, designer, and producer. We interview all of our BiniGuides and publish them on our blog so our travellers can get to know more about their background and learn about their passion. Our platform has been specifically designed for the travellers as an application for iOS and Android for ease of access and no complications when travelling. Our BiniGuides have access to the application, an online website, and a private forum. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me :) We are Yours to Discover