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I love the team idea. Using freelancers is quite challenging when it comes to deadlines, so having a team of freelancers manage the task might be a good solution. Kind of freelance guilds :-)
@ralev - what is your business model?
@bogomep It's a simple paid model. The idea is to filter the normal clients and freelancers and then to let them do their business for free. No additional taxes or fees. Just contact the right person. The money will be reinvested in the project and development hours.
@ralev Interesting mechanic to encourage registrations, you have to login to see pretty much anything. What made you decide on this approach? Is it working well?
@shib88 Glad you've noticed it! We've tried at least 10 variations of the registration. The other models delivered fast short registrations, but nobody's coming back to fill in their profile completely. We have over sleeping (not visible) 100 users. Right now this exact registration works for us. We'll continue to test, but with smaller iterations I guess. For example we'll probably stop refunding profiles with poor skills (when not accepted), so that they must believe in their skills in order to join the system. Also it depends on the traffic channel. Later if we try to approach different type of users - this type of registration might not work for them. For example - users, attracted with Google Adwords...
@ralev good luck! Would love to see a post on all the methods you try before you get 'to the one'!
Yes, that's exactly what me and my team have experienced through the years being freelancers and working with clients. It's always easier, faster and cheaper to work with people you know and trust. Do you think 5 "working buddies" is enough or we should add a little bit more slots ?
@ralev Add more for a fee :)
@ralev 5 seams to be the right number. More I will consider a company
@chrisgeorgiev We've considered a company, but it will change a lot of things. For now the number of the freelancers from one company is not restricted. If a company wants a better visibility - it can register with multiple people and be found easier because everybody from these people will have different keywords and will be found by various search strings.
This is a great project! How can you see if a certain freelancer has been hired and for how many projects? Thanks in advance!
@lupoteev We all know that ratings in freelance sites are being rigged big time. So at this point we are giving the chance of the portfolio and the personal presentation to charm the client in the site. As an alternative - there's an external LinkedIn link option which is also used for validation.