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It is really, really lame that this service requires that you sign up with your Gmail address AND requires that you accept email notifications from them. I don't want any of that crap.
Local Guides is getting a bit of an overhaul today as reported by TechCrunch If you hadn't heard of Local Guides before it is Google’s gamified program for getting its users to update data in Google Maps and upload photos of local venues to make it easier to discover local places How many people are using Local Guides vs (or alongside) something similar like Swarm?
@bentossell At the moment, I use Google Maps only when I need orientations like "where's the place that I have to go?", but unfortunately at the small and even the medium cities in Brazil doesn't list all the commercials places, so to solve this problem I end up using Foursquare to look for new places like new restaurants, pubs and so on. I'm also a Local Guide in Google Maps and I've been helping to add more informations about commercials places in a lot of cities in Brazil, so in a near future I believe I won´t use a peripheral app (Swarm/Foursquare), because of that new gamification the people will engage to pin (in Google Maps) and update the places that they visit.
I've been hooked by the gamification, currently at level 3
In years that feel like centuries, my friends used to Foursquare everything. My best friend is old and keeps goin' on but I don't know why. I try Local Guides and I think is it the smartest move ever as Google want to show us better relevant ads. The content is getting richer and everybody use Maps, how Foursquare can beat that? I tried Yelp and TripAdvisor too. The Apps are beautiful. But they don't have the convenience of Google Maps. The only real contender in my eyes is Instagram Place Stories and Tags because of the higher quality of the content. On Local Guides, a lot of pictures really look amateurish.
I started using Google Local Guides when they gave away 2 years of Google Drive storage for hitting level 5. Now they have taken away all incentives except a Google Play Music Promo, and 75% off of a movie rental from the Google Play Store. (Neither of which count if you have used either service) I don't see the point in using this service is all you get is a special badge.
@gabriel__lewis how about to help other people who have questions about places? I've been using for a couple years as well but had no idea it was even incentivised. 😂😂
@casielane the world needs more people like you.