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Local Guddy is a travel marketplace which connects travelers and locals through unique experiences / tours hosted by locals of the city all around the world. Locals can simply create their own tour/experience and show travelers their city's hidden gems, foods or places. So far we have 250 tours in more than 25 countries. We are aware that there are some competitors in the market. But we have some cool differences from them: We have 4 basic guddy type that our locals choose one of them while creating a tour: 1) Local Guddy: Shows the hidden places of the city like museums, gardens, views etc. 2) Food Walker: Shows the best places in the city to taste local foods in walking distance. 3) Pub Crawler: Shows the night life of the city with the best pubs/clubs. 4) Hommy Chef: Cooks local homemade foods and hosts travelers for a dinner or breakfast. We also limited the price from 15 to 50 USD per person to make it affordable for everyone. If you have any questions, i would be happy to answer :)