Automatic place journal with photo memories

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@shashwatpradhan What will motivate people to actually journal places they go? What is the hook here to keep people using the app? iPhone camera does a pretty good job of picking up the places where you take photos so why add the extra layer of having a separate app with similar function?
@bentossell hi Ben, that's a great question. Many people generally give up on journaling in just a few days since they forget or don't have enough time to. With Loca, the app automatically runs in the background and tracks your places without any effort or manual input. (You can later add selected photos to each place) Loca works in two ways: 1. Memories- It keeps track of your places, dates & time spent there. You can add photos to each place to save your cherished memories. Many of our early adopters found it useful in journaling their vacations! 2. Productivity- You can use Loca to keep track of how long you are spending at places. By tagging names to each place you can keep track of how much time you spent at work or at home or even your lunch time restaurant. You can even export your history as a csv, something I think Quantified Self enthusiasts will really like.
@shashwatpradhan if the app runs in the background with your location services and tracking everything... won't this drink the battery dry really quickly? How do you aim to make this app worth the decreased battery life?
@bentossell Loca takes about 3% of your battery in 24 hours! We optimised it by using location from the cell towers rather than GPS and polling it in dynamic intervals. It also automatically stops tracking in low battery mode.
Hello Product Hunt, We built Loca at Emberify to automatically journal your places & time spent their for you. Loca also lets you store your photo memories with your places. Here is our story on Medium, on why we built Loca, with a media kit as well: https://medium.com/@shashwatprad... Looking forward to hear your thoughts! 😸
Journal your places & time automatically. Save memories as photos with every place. Loca makes Journaling made seamless & delightful.
@shashwatpradhan The app looks cool. But whenever I see a location dependent app, the first question comes to my mind 'Will it hog my mobile's battery ?'.
@ivarjain hi Ravi, I totally agree with you. Loca running in the background the entire day takes about 3% of your battery. (Logging each and every place.) It also automatically stops tracking on low battery mode with iOS 9.