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Vanessa Munteanu
  • Vanessa Munteanu
    Vanessa MunteanuEnabling claws at Lobster

    Affordable, diverse and easy to use. On top of that, a great tech blend to enhance copyright and surface the best images


    Not the usual classic stock photography

    Everyone can sell their content for free and earn 75% of each purchase. Creatives needing royalty free licences can search through 10 social media platforms and cloud archives at once in order to get fresh, local and diverse images and videos.

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Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
A marketplace for licensing user-generated content, is now launching a universal search feature that allows brands and publishers to search for user-generated content across multiple social platforms. Lobster takes on the task of contacting the owner of the photo (sometimes through an Instagram comment or direct message, or an email, depending on the platform) and setting up a deal for that photo to be licensed out. Flickr users can receive up to $3/image, and Instagram users can receive up to $2/photo at first, with the opportunity to drive up the value through receiving more and more demand.
Olga Egorsheva
Olga EgorshevaMaker@egolya
@kwdinc Thank you Kevin. Great grasp & summary of our product! Yes, we do count on connecting the two sides of the marketplace with the new 'find & request' product. Eventually, we want to build the world's own place to find exactly the photos and videos you need, and then license them for work in an honest and rewarding way from real people.
Hang Zhao
Hang ZhaoHiring@sgzhaohang
Images are super cool, thanks for this great product. It'll be great if the speed can be a little bit faster :)
ben Watanabe
ben WatanabeHiring@benwtnb · 96 Problems
@hang_zhao Agreed, seems like a cool idea and the video/aggregation aspect helps differentiate it from services like https://www.eyeem.com/ But with tagging not being all the way there on social images faster search is definitely necessary like you say. Cause users are probably going to have to search multiple times to find just the right image.
Olga Egorsheva
Olga EgorshevaMaker@egolya
@hang_zhao Hi there! Thanks;) Glad you like them. Taken that onboard, working on the speed as a priority right now/
Olga Egorsheva
Olga EgorshevaMaker@egolya
@hang_zhao @benwtnb Hi hi. Yes, working on the search speed. Beyond tags we can get info from geotags, comments, titles of the photos and videos. Next step - image recognition from another startup to be able to tag objects, colour palettes, identify blur and copyright issues - while you search.
Olga Egorsheva
Olga EgorshevaMaker@egolya
Starting CrowdCube soon!
Olga Egorsheva
Olga EgorshevaMaker@egolya
@all thanks a lot for your upvotes and comments. this is very important to us as we hear your voice.
RahulPro@rahulmfg · Full Stack Dev @Product Hunt 😺✌️
'Lobster' I was thinking of this name for a product :D