Lobby Boy

Build your own "Operator" and grant wishes on demand

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Hi Everyone! We built Lobby Boy to bring the world of conversational commerce into everyone's reach. You can use this open source project to build your own Magic/Cloe/Ask Alexis/Operator type app or build the functionality into your own app so that your users can have a great, personalized and hassle-free experience with your service. We really hope you enjoy it. Hit our team up with any questions!
@gozmike Love it! This is awesome.
@nicolasegosum Thanks Nicolas. @all - we had some issues with our landing page when viewed on mobile Safari. Those should all be fixed now. Take a look 🙀
@gozmike always impressed with support kit stuff. If you have more than a few customers, I could see the slack left hand menu getting hairy. Is there a setting in slack to auto hide inactive channels or some way to manage this?
@gozmike @arush Actually there's a setting in SupportKit to manage this :) You can designate a time after which SK will automatically archive an inactive channel. The default is 6 hours.
@gozmike love this, will drive innovation forward as people will stop cloning and just build on top of this
I love the way you tap into the excitement of a product like Operator to showcase your own! Very cool, and Lobby Boy looks really slick.
Sorry, but I am completely lost :( What is the purpose of this app? Your landing page is soooo confusing :)
@bogomep Lobby Boy demonstrates how you can see any product/service to your users through an in-app conversation over messaging.
Show me an use-case, please :) I am still lost
@bogomep Check out this collection of Text Based Services by @thinker. My understanding is Lobby Boy enables you to make similar products/experiences. cc: @gozmike
@gozmike Looks great! I don't quite understand the difference between this and the normal SupportKit apart from product recommendations :p
@coconidodev hi Nicolo, this is a demonstration of how to do product offers with SupportKit
@gozmike Is there any way to make something more like Cloe where it is not only Product recommendation. Could I still use this for a service like Cloe where people ask me questions and I assume one could then charge for answers or something?
@coconidodev yup! you should have everything you need to build this on top of SupportKit today.