Simple cloud-based load testing for your apps

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 24, 2014
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Happy to intro the first offspring from @SendGridLabs aimed to let developers build more scalable and reliable Apps & APIs w/o breaking the bank - we're happy to help how we can.
Welcome, @mikerowan! I'm curious to hear how SendGrid Labs operates. Are you like an internal incubator for new products within SendGrid?
Thx @rrhoover - Yes, SendGrid Labs is an incubator and our projects focus on helping developers with productivity, efficiency and scale. We're passionate about helping developers in areas we've experienced frustration during growth periods which could be distracting to our core focus. Loader.io is a great example of what we've used to help us test scale, and we've opened it up for everyone. You'll see many more projects from Labs.
@mikerowan - Sounds fun. :) What's your process for coming up with new ideas and bringing them to market?
@rrhoover our process isn't as advanced as you might think, but it works! First we talk to developers - a lot, and our Labs office is actually co-located within an accelerator co-working space. We hear lots of things, problems, distractions and general frustration that sometimes cripples these startups from focusing on their core engineering to grow & scale their business. We're engineers too and find we're building things to get the job done but are ultimately distracting to our core product goals. Finally, we have an amazing engineering team at SendGrid and we get so see and learn about problems that most people would never see just based on the scale at which we need to operate. We take all this input and discuss the most common pain points, figure out a way to fix and then and get to work building a service. It's a lot of fun building exactly what you want, when you want to do it!