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Lnky is something I've wanted for a few years now: an easy to set up page with no one else's branding, a neutral design, and a short link.

Like a business card, but for all your channels on the web.

This is a side project that I'm proud to finally ship. I'd love to know what you think!

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This would be helpful to include in my email sig and social media profile bios


Took seconds to set up, love the simplicity of the design


None yet

This is awesome. If you could add support for an icon for Medium that would be great. And yes - I think an e-mail signature is where I'd most likely want this page to go. Not the link to this page - but the page itself (obviously in much smaller form). I'm not sure where else I'd put this or send to people. I suppose it could be a link on my b-card or in my email. I'll have to experiment.
@aaronedell These are all great ideas. I want to build the theme chooser as a mini live preview, wouldn't be too hard to reuse that functionality to make an image for email signatures – the issue is it would only contain one link. Another idea I've been tossing around with friends is connecting Moo.com's NFC business cards to my Lnky page. As far as Medium, I'll have it in the near future – for the initial release I opted to stick with what symbolset gave me out of the box. Thanks!
@nickisnoble I dig! Yeah, e-mail sigs would be hard thinking more about it unless it was something you could copy and paste into a text field. Yeah, I'll try and keep thinking of more use cases. I love the idea, but finding a place it fits will be key. For now, I may just add my lnky to the bottom of my e-mails and other public-facing blogs and posts etc.
Thanks for hunting @nickisnoble I really love the simple design and how it took me seconds to sign up, will you be working on SEO on this project, so people's lnky profiles show up when searched?
@abadesi yes, that's definitely a goal! Search optimization, faster page loads, more design options, and even things like personal analytics or custom calls to action are all things I'd like to work on in the near future. It all depends on what the users want! (Or if it even picks up any steam 😉). Thanks for the feedback!
Love it @nickisnoble! Super simple...legitimately takes 60 secs to set up. Excited to see this progress...it's reminds me of when About.me came about...really really simple personal profile. If anyone is curious what they look like, here is the link to the my LNKY https://lnky.io/crowe
Thanks @seancrowe5, that looks great with the Emojis 😉! That's one of the reasons this got built. About me had too many options, add you had to pay more than it was worth (for me at least) to remove branding.
What are the list of socials we can add? Some just show up as “link” and I guess the titles are not editable.
@rohitalexander currently I'm limited to Symbolset Icons[1], and implementing over time. Here's the list of what's live currently: About.Me, Bandcamp, Behance, Blogger, CodePen, Dribbble, Ello, Etsy, Facebook, Five Hundred px, flickr, GitHub, Google Plus, Instagram, Kickstarter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stackexchange, Stackoverflow, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, VSCO, WordPress, YouTube. What were you trying to add that didn't work? [1](https://symbolset.com/icons/soci...)
@nickisnoble Ah, makes sense. I was trying 'behance.net' but 'behance.com' is the one that works. Also, since you're using symbolset I guess this one's outta your hands but, the instagram logo/icon needs to be updated to the new one! Also, every lnky user's URL should have the lnky favicon (it's a crime not to use that cool logo)... that includes lnky.io as well. :)
@rohitalexander Thanks man! I'll update the regex, I forgot they have a `.net` domain 😬 I was thinking about the favicon for the main site, but if I do it on the profile pages wouldn't it break the "no branding" rule?
@nickisnoble yeah, but I think people will let that one pass, they’re kinda nice that way 😁. Something’s better than no favicon. You should def use your brand logo for this IMO. After all, the user urls do start with lnky.io/username
@rohitalexander true dat, and I guess it's *technically* not on the page, so we can let it slide 😏.