Get together with your friends with video messages



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Brian LieblerMakerPro@brianliebler · Founder & CEO, LivnList
Hey Product Hunters, After being early adopters and making Product Hunt the first read of the day, we are so psyched to see our app, LivnList, get submitted by one of our favorite authors @nireyal. As a non-technical co-founder his book Hooked has been a godsend...I read it three times...check it out if you haven't already. LivnList is a messaging app that streamlines the social dynamics for how friends come together in the real world. Whether you're planning a party, trip or night out at the movies, LivnList's activity planning messenger is the easiest way to get your friends to do things. We've been working on LivnList for awhile trying to crack the problem of coordinating plans with friends scattered throughout our lives (it's a personal problem). We've seen many many attempts come from just about every angle possible to try and solve this problem. Here's a pretty comprehensive collection of them: We think we've come up with a pretty unique solution incorporating video invites to help you hype your plan combined with a sliding calendar that organizes group chats by what you're doing. For the full story behind the inspiration of the company and how the app works, check out our blog post on Medium here: You can also see our coverage from TechCrunch here: We're fully aware of the challenges ahead and looking forward to opening ourselves up to the community for feedback and suggestions. We've been busy fixing some bugs and have a new build coming out soon to address feedback from our initial beta users. My partner John (who designed the app) and I are available for your questions, comments etc. Thanks, Brian
tom meagher@tomfme · now is good.
@brianliebler How do I get my friends to sign up? When I find cool apps (like Taptalk), it's like pulling teeth to get my non-tech/early adopter friends to use them. I've had this problem a lot.
Brian LieblerMakerPro@brianliebler · Founder & CEO, LivnList
@thomasmeagher That's the biggest challenge. You could just invite your friends to download the app from LivnList. By selecting add friends we send them a text asking them to join. Since we haven't demonstrated any value upfront, we don't think that's the best option. From what we've seen, the most authentic way to onboard friends is to invite them to an event. So you're asking them to get together verses downloading an app. Your friends don't need the app. When you send them an invite they'll get a text with full details. It looks like this. Brian Liebler created an event with LivnList. Let's...Get our friends to join LivnList on Friday, September 18 at 12:00 PM at Madison Square Park. Are you in?
tom meagher@tomfme · now is good.
@brianliebler thanks for the tips! Love how you guys have thought about this problem and integrated the Hook Model.
Brian LieblerMakerPro@brianliebler · Founder & CEO, LivnList
@thomasmeagher Thanks Tom! We appreciate you taking a look.
Benpo@idanbenporat · Co founder & VP product @MyLeisure
Looks great Nir! Good luck!