Redefining the electrical outlet

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This looks pretty cool. If you can imagine the outlet itself hasn't changed since 1915, it's about damn time somebody changes this. They also have a fun Tumblr blog about Ugly Outlets
They should definitely be tapping into the Etsy market!
Thanks for the post Bram! Staring at outlets our whole life we saw key issues that could be improved on without a hi-tech overhaul, they are: * aesthetics - outlets are ugly, try to find one in an Architectural Digest pictorial * energy conservation - 15% - 25% of electric bills are wasted on phantom charges * child safety - 2400 children goto the hospital because of outlet shocks every year * overall utility - the duplex outlet hasn't changed in form and function (for the most part) in almost 100 years... (Ryan - great call on Etsy, Thanks!)
Outlets are required to be every four feet above a countertop in a kitchen per the building code, very much in the line of site. I have five outlets in plain site from my kitchen counter where we eat many of our meals and invariably where the party ends up...
It's pretty big compared to the existing socket. I'm skeptical the the lure of hanging photos from my wall socket will make it worthwhile.