Livin Shower

Tap a button, get a perfect shower.

Livin is an elegant way to tap a button and get the perfect shower. Temperature, water saving, smart integration, easy install, and a sleek design.

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Love it. Can't wait to buy it... in like 4 years.
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Dear santa...
Livin looks like it not only makes sense from a water savings and monitoring angle, but also, dang... This thing looks awesome. Amazingly designed. I also just had a baby and it's a constant guessing game of trying to figure out where to put the temperature to make sure the water is not too hot (or cold) so this will be a great option to add a 2nd temperature to the settings and have it be a no brainer. I'm relatively handy, but even I was looking at this wondering how difficult it would be to install the base on the temperature controlled, but the how-to video alleviates that fear.
Wow. Redefined the shower experience with your amazing product. My best wishes for your team. In the next 5-10 years, you'll see the smart shower in almost every household..:) Livin is a great idea, beautifully designed and very creative.
What a unique way to build a shower !! Interesting good job on it 😊