Coworkation retreats for entrepreneurs & digital nomads

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@bramk, thanks so much for hunting LiveWorkFit! Super grateful! 😌 πŸ™Œ Hey PH community! LiveWorkFit is a series of one month coworkation retreats for location independent entrepreneurs, online business owners and digital nomads. All our trips include: 🏠 Coliving + πŸ’» Coworking + πŸ’ͺ Fitness + πŸ“ˆ Masterminds in one package. I created LiveWorkFit as I wanted to travel with like-minded entrepreneurs and digital nomads. I've been location independent for a couple of years now and my best and most productive times are when I'm focusing on my business and health, not partying every night. I wasn't happy with the other retreats that were out there – I wanted something suited to quality entrepreneurs, something that wasn’t outrageously priced, something that didn’t require quarterly or year-long commitment, and would allow members to get the best out of the areas they visited, while getting the best from themselves and each other. So I created LiveWorkFit. I'd really love your feedback and welcome any suggestions or comments! Thanks! James
@thetwopct @bramk Cool idea. Fitness component sounds intresting ;)
@flighthack Thanks Vlad, you're awesome! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
@thetwopct @bramk This looks pretty compelling. Definitely keeping it on my radar for 2017!
@michaelcjoseph Thanks Michael! Glad you're diggin' it!
Looks brilliant. Very similar to some of the other nomad programmes out there, but with a nice fitness twist, I like it. Definitely going to look into this, thanks @thetwopct
@steerj92 Thanks for the feedback John! I like to think we're different to most nomads retreats, as many of them focus on remote workers, whereas we focus on entrepreneurs and business owners! Combined with the fitness element, I think we offer something really different! 😎
@thetwopct awesome thanks James!
I think the product is well done as it packs exactly all the poles a Digital Nomad needs and it can be even extended to company group retreats or Expat gathering. Good Job (y)
@styxali Thanks for the feedback Ali! πŸ’–I hope we start a trend of more retreats with fitness and health elements, its essential for good business to have good health! πŸ’ͺ
Hi James - this looks great. I'm kinda-sorta location independent at the moment, so this kind of thing appeals to me. Especially seeing as I'm now out of my partying 20s (and 30s - shhhh!). The most important thing that being location independent can offer is new networks, but it can also mean you don't always stay anywhere long enough to establish a solid new one. How do you combat this, and how do you facilitate networking etc etc?
@neilcocker Thanks for the great comment Neil! Finding and building those networks is exactly why I started this retreat! I've spent the last couple of years being location independent in various places and unfortunately not everywhere I went had a great community. Finding an amazing community (like in Chiang Mai where I am right now) means it makes it hard to leave (and many "nomads" end up staying here long term). This posed a real problem for me, as I wanted to keep exploring the world, but could I live without a community? I felt that running this 'coworkation' could be the answer - getting to explore new places but taking a high-level community with me. Within each trip we'll be working, living, exploring, learning, achieving and working out together, so I think each group will develop strong bonds, and hopefully real long-lasting relationships. On a personal level, I've learnt that this itinerant lifestyle just has to be enjoyed for what it is, friends come and go, but they are still friends, and the universe has a funny way of putting people together - and when it does that feeling is fantastic! Embrace it!
@thetwopct Sounds great! I'm in eastern Europe at the moment (Sofia, Bulgaria, to be precise). Gimme a shout if you find yourself in this neck of the woods!
I'm working towards being location-independent and this mix of working/travel/fitness is really cool. Will be keeping this on my radar for 2017, great stuff!
@brendonto Thanks Brendon, glad you're liking it! It would be fantastic to have a Creative Director along with us! 😎