Real time visitor stats for all of your websites

Livestats allows you to see real time visitor numbers on all your websites in one window instead of switching between multiple tabs.
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🎈What's up Product Hunters! 💻 Today we invite you to check out Livestats – Real-time, multi-website, Google Analytics visitor data at a glance. 🤔So what's that? 📊 Livestats helps you see the most important insights quickly and in real time without changing tabs, like visitor numbers on all your domains. 🤷‍♂️And how is it useful? Running multiple websites ourselves, we always felt it's a pain to keep few tabs running or having to to switch between those all the time, so we decided to make a product for that 🙂 💭 We’d love to hear your feedback and we’ll be here all day to reply to your comments. Thanks! 🙏 ❤