Livescore OSX

World cup live scores in menu bar ⚽👩‍💻

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👩‍💻MacOS menu bar app displaying ⚽2018 FIFA World Cup scores in 🚀real time.

Every match covered. Notifies you when a goal is scored.

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  • Sujoy ChaudharyCofounder & CEO, Airim

    If you are checking scores as frequently as you check time, this is perfect


    No free version

    There can be a free plan that shows current score only, and nothing else

    Sujoy Chaudhary has used this product for one day.


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Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Why isn’t free ? Any windows version ?
Julien ValliniMaker@julienvallini · 🇫🇷 French Indie Hacker
@ayush_chandra No windows version for this app. And not free because I want to test if people actually like the app enough they are ready to pay for it :)
Simon Brændle@__symn · Developer
@ayush_chandra @julienvallini maybe add a free version that will work until the round of sixteen to generate some downloads and then allow users to pay to get the full version which tracks all games until the finale. Then add options/packages for other leagues and so on. Anyway, good job and good luck!
Julien ValliniMaker@julienvallini · 🇫🇷 French Indie Hacker
@ayush_chandra @__symn Yes you are right I should have provided a free tier. It is definitely something I learnt from this launch ! :)
Julien ValliniMaker@julienvallini · 🇫🇷 French Indie Hacker
Hey Product Hunters! I made this new app for macOS called ⚽ Livescore OSX. It displays in real time the score of every 🏆 world cup match. ⭐ Features - Shows the score of the selected match directly in the ⬆️ menu bar - Displays 📅 schedule for the next 10 matches, converted to your timezone - If enabled, sends a 🔔notification for every goal 🤔 Why not free ? This app is not free because I invest a lot of time 🔧 crafting it. By rewarding an 🤓 independent developer for his apps, you directly contribute to the efforts he will put 🚀 making the next one. The price for this app is €3.90. Hope you will enjoy it
Abhranil Dutta@chandler_bing26 · Wannabepreneur
Just want to know which api you are using to fetch data?
Julien ValliniMaker@julienvallini · 🇫🇷 French Indie Hacker
@chandler_bing26 It is called
Lewis Kang'ethe Ngugi@ngeshlew1 · UX Specialist
Will they also be showing scores from EPL and La Liga?
Julien ValliniMaker@julienvallini · 🇫🇷 French Indie Hacker
@ngeshlew1 Not this version but I plan to extend it. If I do so I will provide a significant discount to current users.
Abel Joshua@abeljoshuaa · CTO at MoonSAT Technology
Great Job!!
Julien ValliniMaker@julienvallini · 🇫🇷 French Indie Hacker
@abeljoshuaa Thank you sir, I really appreciate your kind words :)