Track All of Your Marketing Campaigns in One Place

Integrate your favorite marketing platforms & use pre-made widgets to display marketing data automatically, so you can instantly see which campaigns, posts, or keywords perform the best. Make data-driven adjustments and watch their impact in real time!
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If you've come this far to read this comment, then you're probably a marketer who may be struggling to manage the amounts of marketing data. Data monitoring & reporting can be a huge time-suck for marketers. So why not to automate all that data pulling, connecting and presenting, so you can spend more time actually analyzing data, making recommendations, and driving better results. After all, your pretty dashboards or complex sheets aren’t worth much unless you spend some serious time on analyzing and using the data. So we have decided to develop a simple tool that addresses those exact issues that I and many other marketers have to deal with. LiveReport is one platform that syncs up with your favorite digital marketing channels and presents your data in one place. This makes performance monitoring and client reporting a breeze 🤙. Here is a list of features you will get with LiveReport: ✅ All core PPC channel and social media integration options; ✅ Premade drag-and-drop widgets. Create in-depth visual reports in minutes; ✅ Commenting options directly on report. Make comments, offer clarification, or receive questions directly on the report from your clients; ✅ Real-time data extraction. Always be up-to-date with the latest marketing performance metrics; ✅ Goal tracking. Monitor your progress, track expenditures. 🙌 Most importantly - LiveReport makes data easy to understand and act on. Great for your clients that may not be marketing wizards such as yourself. If this tool sounds like something you'd be interested in using, you can try it for free. Take it for a spin and see if our hard work has made your life just a bit easier!
Always wanted to track my companies performance live, so now I can do that without any 3rd party plugins to GDS. Thanks @mantas_malukas & the team!
@justas_malinauskas Thanks Justas! Glad you like it. Our goal with was to minimize the time and effort it takes to connect, manage and present the data. So you're right, no additional tools, plugins, or add-ons required.
Good stuff! I can now track all of my clients in a single screen - where were you guys before?! :D
What works for me: Cross-source multi-campaign tracking in one place. Especially if you (or your client) are world-wide e-comm with several of marketing regions.
Great tool ! I love the "smart builder" option as it helps to build reports super fast and saves you from doing a lot of manual work. I'm very excited to see what's next!