Lively 2.0

Make short animated GIFs from Live Photos

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Pieter Walraven
Pieter WalravenHunter@pieterpaul · Founder & Product @ Pie -
Nice update from the Tinywhale guys that allows me to easily trim the usual put-phone-down frames from my Live Photos 😄👍
Georg Krueger
Georg Krueger@georgkrueger · Product Owner, Music Maker JAM
Camera MX just released all this functionality on Android
Jason Dinh
Jason DinhMaker@xuki · Co-founder @ Tiny Whale
Thanks @pieterpaul. It's been a lot of fun for me to work on this update, because I got to make GIFs all day :D. With this update, Lively enables you to make shorts GIF that loop back and forth (like Boomerang video from Instagram). The cool thing is you don't have remember to use a 3rd party app, just capture a Live Photos and process it later with Lively. It's super fun to go through your camera roll and make GIFs!
This is a really interesting product for people who want to make use of the live photo feature, to make it less of a gimmick. I wish I would be able to try it out, but this product reminds me of how badly I want the iPhone 6s. :)
Jason Dinh
Jason DinhMaker@xuki · Co-founder @ Tiny Whale
@tpbtv Live Photo, IMO, is the best feature of the iPhone 6S :). The best thing about it is that you don't have to change your behaviour, just take a photo and you get a nice video with it. Zero friction.
@xuki @tpbtv I agree, along with 3D Touch it's what makes the iPhone 6s a lot better than the 6. Still really want it, guess I'm gonna have to save up for the iPhone 7. :)
Vadi@vadivelk · Craftsman
Always wanted it. Great.