Interactive presentations for remote audiences

With LiveFile, everybody gets a shared copy of the document. Your audience can click links. They can select text, draw, add text, all of which is displayed instantly to every other participant. No more “can you scroll back up to the last page?” or awkward copy-and-pasting of links.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
I had the opportunity to test the beta and it works really well -- even on mobile. Sync is fast and smooth. Best of all no plugins or downloads. Just send a link and you're ready to go. Well done, guys.
@rnx Thanks, Randy! We're pleased you've gotten some use out of the tool.
Works brilliantly @alecl - definitely a tool I will be bookmarking and sharing. A few questions/comments: - what inspired you to create the app? - what are your plans for monetisation - it's a lovely clean interface and I have to wonder if we can expect ads at some stage? - you might want to add some privacy information as some may be concerned about uploading content to your site and what happens to that content and the content that has been annotated - and for those of us in Europe reference to GDPR too please - how long do documents remain on your platform when they have been annotated - I can see there is a delete feature too but wondered if there is a max number of documents that will be stored or a time period they will be stored for? Thanks
@krishnade Thanks for the feedback! There are some good points in there. The original use case was actually going over contracts (SOW, NDA etc) with clients. We have operated our own development agencies and longed for a visually-oriented tool for reviewing documents. As for monetization, we don't plan on offering ads. It will be a freemium product, but we have yet to determine exact pricing and the paid feature set -- what you're seeing now is the minimal set of features that we thought would be useful. Agreed about the privacy info. We mainly just wanted to get it out there so we have certainly cut some corners. Documents are available indefinitely. I could see the retention period being part of the pricing tiers, but we haven't defined that quite yet.
@alecl Thanks for coming back to me on my questions - looking forward to seeing how you further develop the platform