Live Video On Tumblr

Tumblr's answer to Periscope, Facebook Live and Twitch

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LOL at the first line in their announcement: "This should be interesting." The announcement is a bit light on details. Apparently you can post live video from YouNow, Kanvas, Upclose, and YouTube. Facebook Live and Periscope are notably missing. They have a lineup of shows airing later today, starting at 4pm ET:
@rrhoover useless without facebook live, periscope and meerkat
@aimadnet @rrhoover Meerkat is exiting the live video space.
@ryenyc @rrhoover I agree, what about facebook lives and periscope :) ? .. they have embed btw
Horrible design (in my opinion). But, I hope tumblr can be better with this tool, their users are creative and I think cool things will come up.
@gabrielreynard what's wrong with the design?
@rrhoover I did not like the font, their logo is regular, and that "shacking" thing is horrible for my eyes 😎. I think it could be better by the size of the company and qualified people that work there.
@gabrielreynard @rrhoover What you don't like is the design of a single animated video meant to promote Live Video, which @rrhoover shared. The "shaking" thing is an effect meant to emulate the kind of video disruption analog antenna based TVs used receive. That's not an actual part of the logo. FWIW I liked it.
@ryenyc I see, thanks for te feedback.