Live Start Page

Incredible new tab page with live wallpapers and to-do

Looks pretty nice if you like to customise your start screen!
@_jacksmith Thanks so much for the hunt! Hi everyone! I'm Pavel. Founder of Live Start Page. Very excited to share one of our projects with the Product Hunt community. Our products used by over 4 million users. Hope you enjoy Live Start Page. Live Start page is good to relax and regain your focus, also it provides useful productivity features like Speed Dial and Task List. LST includes great collection of Living Photos made by professional photographers. Currently it is available for Chrome but soon will be released Firefox version. Please, feel free to ask me anything!
I have used Momentum for the past 10 months. It has the things I like most about Momentum but with the ability to customize in greater detail. Ill rest Momentum for a bit and give L.S.P. a go.
@greaterthan1000 Thanks! You can always contact me directly and tell your suggestions. We are working on new features and want to provide bigger customization.
@pavel_scher I also use Nimbus screen shot and screen saver on a daily basis too. =)
@greaterthan1000 Sounds good. Also try our note taking solution (Evernote replacement) for ultimate happiness :)
Nice, but what about other browsers?
@a_krasouski Hi, Thanks for stopping by :) Already working on Firefox version. Soon will be released.