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Create live stream voting or poll on your Facebook page

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Hello, everybody. I am very excited to launch here on Product Hunt. Thanks @kwdinc ! Live Reacting - The easiest way to create interactive live voting or poll on Facebook page! With LiveReacting it is now much easier, you do not need to setup additional software (Livestream, OBS, Wirecast, etc.) to stream, just a few steps and we will deliver your live video polls on your Facebook page. Live pools - it is a hot trend on Facebook so, I hope, it will be useful for everyone who owns a Facebook page and wants to engage more audience. UPD: comments voting is available now on
@archiolidius Cool product, but live reaction voting can get you in a lot of trouble with Facebook. I have switched over to live voting with comments on my network of pages (74 mil likes) since Facebook banned live votes with reactions. The comment voting system actually yields similar results and is 100% Facebook compliant. I would really advise everybody to stay away from publishing live videos with reactions. With doing so you run the risk of Facebook cutting your reach permanently or even worse, they might just remove your page. If anybody needs help setting up live interactive comment polls, let me know. My social video agency has broadcasted some of the most viewed live broadcasts on Facebook. We strategize on the broadcast ideas, design the videos, and run them from start to finish.
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@aaron_chavez @trovemedia what does your agency charge for comment vote campaigns?
We will introduce comments vote mechanism in few days, so don't forget to check our site from time to time :) UPD: comments voting is available now on
Hmmm, I thought Facebook banned the use of reactions on facebook live videos Check this tweet to know more: When it comes to your product, I've seen a lot of video tutorials available online to create "FB reaction voting on FB live". It looked like it was not a hard process (It would take some time for initial setup, but after that, it looked like an easy task). Since you've priced at $200 and upwards, I wanted to know how special is your service compared to the other free services online??. good luck.
@ramkumarhq thanks, didn't see that tweet. 1 live poll costs only 4$ and it is very easy and fast to create. And you do not need to setup additional software (Livestream, OBS, Wirecast, etc.) to stream.
@ramkumarhq Indeed, is it now banned. See "Don'ts" section here: Do not use Reactions in the following ways: As a voting mechanism As a tool to represent an action or object To direct people to choose only certain reactions (i.e. haha vs wow) As a way to influence actions within a Facebook Live broadcast, e.g. “Choose wow to make the dog jump” As a function other than its original intention — a way for people to genuinely react to something
@archiolidius - If it's $4, then I think no one would complain much :) Your website says "custom" fb live reactions $200 upwards, so if you have a good pricing chart, it would be good...but still formally spoken, Facebook banned the reaction voting.
Great tool guys, congrats! We at published the first tutorial about Facebook Live Reactions a few weeks ago and it went crazy viral. I hope you'll find the same success ;)
Awesome! i have been learning how to create it with css! this is going to help big time!
@stefamini Thanks! Good to hear that it is helpful for you!
@archiolidius except there was no mention of price until i had spent time making it and was ready to go live! That was very annoying! Perhaps you should tell people before?
@stefamini yes, you are right. I have to improve my landing page.
@stefamini what is the pricing model?
@marketplicity 1 post - 4$ if you buy 15 posts - 3$ for each if you buy 50 posts - 2$ for each
Hi @archiolidius Bold move to be hunted on Sunday! Something I didn't get from the video - how does the voting happen via Likes?
Hi @romanzadyrako So, to cut a long story short, we are checking how many people reacted to your post (via likes or other fb reactions), count each of them, convert that to the video and display the counts in your live translation on your Facebook page.