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This is interesting and great marketing for Shopify. 🙌🏼
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Glad you like it. We've done something similar each year for Black Friday, it becomes a great internal project to add to each year.
Hey everyone! Incoming.shopify.com has become a bit of a tradition here over the last few years and we’re excited to be able to share it again! You might recognize the spinning globe visualization from last year. New for this year we have a $/minute ticker, featured product feed and an all new backed to keep up with the incredible growth of our merchants. Would be happy to answer any questions!
@bnmrrs Interested to know what this is using under the hood. Polling for the data every X seconds, websockets/push?
@heychristian Yup, under the hood it's a service written in Go that holds connections and emits events down a websocket to your browser.
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