Live Home 3D

Design your dream home in 2D and 3D modes.

#5 Product of the DayApril 28, 2017

Live Home 3D helps to draft detailed 2D floor plans and automatically build the structure in 3D.

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Thank you Kevin for the great hunt! The app is an evolved version of Live Interior 3D, the first home design software that appeared on Windows Store and Mac App Store when they were first launched. Live Home 3D for Windows is the UWP app that includes tons of new features such as the elevation view, round walls support and the ability to create immersive 360º panoramic images and videos, which makes us unique among home design applications available on the market. Live Home 3D for Mac was released a bit earlier and includes the same functionality, plus some additional features, like advanced material editor, more rendering options and direct editing of models in SketchUp (Pro version). We'd love to hear any feedback about the app and will answer any questions you might have 😊
@alex_romanchykov super impressive. I've been around building plans a number of times and it's often difficult to visualize for both designers and buyers. My first thought is double (triple?) your prices. Seems very cheap for someone who is working on a major house project.
@alex_romanchykov didn't see in app purchases at first. That changes calculus a bit. System lock is probably best way to go.
@kbclauson We tried to find a balance between free and paid app. Our previous experience with Live Interior 3D taught us a lot. It is important for us to give enough freedom to the user, while remaining a commercial project at the same time. Without investments the program simply can not evolve.
@alex_romanchykov looks awesome! Is there a landscape design option?
Feature request: export model to 3D printer 😁
@rrhoover We work on that. Mac version will get FBX, OBJ export in a month. Windows version will get the same feature a few weeks later. 3D printing will be the natural next step.
I've used this (on a Mac) for a while, and love it! it's the best and easiest software of its kind that I've been able to find. I used Live Interior 3D before, and this is definitely a big improvement -- everything looks and feels better.
Ok this is sweet. I was just recommending products like this to a friend who wants to design his upcoming apartment! Going back to our thread with Live Home 3D!
What a perfect product. Love it.