Live Focus

Shoot First, Focus Later

The world's #1 mobile post-capture focus camera, Live Focus lets you can take a picture immediately and then change the focus point later. From now on, Do not miss your small precious moments.

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📰 Recent News • Since the version 1.9, LF firstly supports pixel-level image stabilization accelerated with GPU on iOS 11, and we are starting to entirely rewrite it with iPhone's latest camera technologies and dual lens system. Any price-related policies will not be changed. Stay with us. • 🎉 We are euphoric to announce, Live Focus was selected as a part of the FbStart accelerate program. It will be the crowning opportunity as the significantly great mainspring of our growth. (MAY 2017) • Live Focus starts basic dual lens support for iPhone 7 Plus since the new update has been released today. From now on, We also plan to continue developing more various, highly advanced features regarding the subject of multiple imaging sensors. (12 DEC 2016) • Our camera app Live Focus, its new version 1.3 has been released. And especially, in this version we've been announced fantastic new feature, 4K ultra high-resolution output support 😱 for the latest iOS devices. Meet our app, entirely new Live Focus! • 🏆 Live Focus has been featured on the AppStore Home Page and various sections from 90+ so many countries. Thanks all "Live-Focusers" in all over the world! 😍 😘 ___________________________ Hey hunters, Introducing our new iOS camera app "Live Focus - Shoot First, Focus Later" Now we can enjoy the "casual" post-capture focus in mobile! Yes, maybe many people already know heavy solution Lytro(, we've inspired from that and started to create a mobile version of that. But they are completely perfectly different. Why? You can carry it in your pocket. ya, it is on the mobile, and almost all amateurish users can easily control. So we've many plans about this subject. To mention a single typical example, The target of them is not only focus adjusting but also all about signal or data while capturing from mobile camera. Ultimately, we want to store the all past situations using the camera. Okay, everything is good. BUT, technical (or OS-Level) limit still existed. It is capturing speed. Because It is impossible to take images in parallel, So best position of Live Focus is the camera for taking macro. For this reason, we will express some technical opinion that we gained while working on this project to apple. For example, natively parallel capturing support. From now on, New AF mode of mobile camera is Live Focus, Lazy Focus (LF)! 😁 Features : • Don't Worry. "Live Focusing" is perfectly compatible with all older device than iPhone 6s. • Independent special "Camera roll" for only Live-Focused photos: You can save or restore them as is. • 2 LF(Live Focus) modes of the initial version: Multi Points, Full Range • One-handed zoom: Just slide down/up the viewfinder. • 20+ Stunning quality real-time filters. • Manual Exposure Control • The quick previewer: Tap the thumbnail for one second. • Support for sharing Live-Focused photos as an animated GIF. • Four 3D Touch quick actions support. Thanks for your votes, or unvotes. Please send a mail( or DM on twitter(@gitmerge, @lfcamera) with 1 or more your wishing feature and its description. If you do, we'll send a promotion code to that hunters by order of arrival!
Awesome idea! The capturing is a bit slow, obviously. But it's pretty cool to be able to focus later. From a UX perspective: I was a bit confused that I always have to tap on the "tick" button after snapping a photo. I would expect it to always save it when I push the capture button.
@dylan36032 Yes! you're right. Auto saving feature will be added in the next version!
Very interesting. @gitmerge, how did you manage to emulate what I always assumed was a Lyto hardware feature with existing smartphone cameras? Is it taking multiple exposures for later manipulation, or actually capturing raw data and somehow rendering everything?
@alexdbauer ya, actually capturing. But it is impossible to create full resolution image that cause of performance limitation. So we create only max but smaller images(about 750*1000 size in iphone 6) Maybe, I imagine(and very hope!!) apple readying simillar api in the future.
@gitmerge that's a fascinating approach! Excited to give it a try, though I imagine it probably won't be quite as exciting on an old iPhone 5S
@alexdbauer I want the perfect "parallel" capture!
I've been looking for something like this for a long time!!! Finally it's here!
@pallav_agarwal Hey, Pallav Agarwal. Please send me DM now~ I'll send a promo code to you! (ah, I found your comment in below! I sent it.)
@gitmerge So I tried out the app. I really like the GIF feature and thought that was an interesting touch! However I think that the GIF should be made to go in and then out of focus so that it looks looped instead of going from one focus to another and then jumping back to the original position.
Good feedback! Pallav Agarwal. Ya, In fact we initially think that exporting GIF is very optional feature in our app, it was not important. Because We thought main purpose of Live Focus is creating best 1 photo. But soon we've seen that many users really regard GIF export feature is important. First of all, Boomerang-like reverse animation effect will be added(you can immediately see it in the next version). And, your suggestion "point-to-point frame-jumping animation" is very welcome. 😍 We strongly consider to modify that!!👌 Additionally, We tell you that the result of the Full Range LF mode is more smoother than Multi Point Mode maybe you know. Because Multi Point Mode have not serial focused positions. So If you want to make GIF, We're recommend to use Full Range Mode instead of that mode until add new enhanced GIF exporting feature. Very thanks for your feedback! If you have additional opinion, please message any time.
Looks interesting, I would like to give it a try.