Live Dial by Voicera

The AI meeting assistant that takes notes on phone calls

Live Dial allows you to make phone calls with EVA, an AI Meeting Assistant, on the line to take notes and transcribe. EVA can now take notes in ALL of your meetings, whether they happen in-person, on conference calls, and now phone calls with Live Dial.

Get 2 months of free access to Live Dial Beta if signed up before 12/23/2018. US & Canada only

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Hi Product Hunt community, I’m Omar Tawakol, CEO of Voicera. We are excited to launch Live Dial on Product Hunt today. LiveDial enables EVA, our AI Meeting Assistant, to join your direct phone calls and take notes for you. Our goal at Voicera is to enable everyone to be focused in their conversations or meetings and more efficient in their follow-up. Live Dial extends that goal from conference calls and in-person meetings to direct person-to-person phone calls. Sign up and check out the beta. We will get everyone in quickly and are looking forward to your questions, comments and feedback. Thanks!
It would be cool to use this in class for taking notes 😛 Though I'd probably need an external mic ... meh worth it 🙂
@zelena that's a smart idea!
@zelena @rrhoover We do have some users who use Voicera in the classroom, but we have to be upfront that this is not our core experience due to proximity to a person speaking and audio quality for a large room. That being said, please do give it a try and let us know what you think!
Great job !! 😊 Will check it out
thanks @ayush_chandra - looking forward to your feedback
Go Team Voicera!

Try to make the product even better down the road!


That is exactly what I would like to have in a meeting.


Not at this moment.