View a list of the most popular cryptocurrency communities, ranked by social media followers across Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and Reddit. We track the growth of each cryptocurrency's community to highlight how fast they're growing and by how much.

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Hey everyone! Matt (the maker) here... Would love to hear how useful you find this and if you'd love to see any additional features on top of it. I can easily extend the number in this list to make it top 30, 40, 50, etc. but wanted to keep it simple to begin with. I'm also planning on making this a public API that people can pull from in the future so hit me up if this is something of interest :)
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@matthewbarby Cool design 🎨
@abadesi thank you! Hats off to my awesome designer,
@matthewbarby @abadesi The API is very friendly to use
@matthewbarby This is absolutely amazing. Congratulations on a wonderful design!
@abadesi @matthewbarby Have you noticed any relationship between social following/coin value ?
The design on this is incredible, helps people like me out a lot!

The product is good though .


Good tool


No cons but it depends on the

ask how the data is collected
Congratulations admin you have done great job
Very cool stuff, Matthew :)
That's dope! Loved the design ❀️
@savvaszortikis I thought i was the only one who was instantly fell in love with the design.