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Does a user have to have an app in order for the content to show up on their mobile screens?
@mighty55 Hi Jordan, Yes you do. The app is free and available on iOS and Android. We're looking into ways to offer an app-less experience!
@livebeaconjames @mighty55 Great product, but I can't personally make use of it unless it can be an appless experience for the users. :c
@sidianmsjones @mighty55 Thanks for the feedback Sidian. This is something we're working on for next year :)
@sidianmsjones @livebeaconjames @mighty55 Not associated with this product, but wanted to weigh in. The only "appless" way of doing this is by using cards in your Wallet. Live Beacon should be able to do that in a reasonable amount of time unless they're doing something weird... but that's still not a magic bullet because the user still has to click/install something. Honestly, no one wants to live in a world where hardware devices can push notifications to your phone without asking for it.
@claudesutterlin @sidianmsjones @mighty55 Hi Claude, thanks for chipping in. That's not entirely true, there are a few options: 1. PhysicalWeb (via Google Chrome) 2. Partnering with a well distributed existing app 3. JavaScript Bluetooth API 4. Instant apps (I've got a feeling Apple are working on this too) None of these would/ should facilitate unsolicited push notifications, but would be a quicker route to see the local content.
BEACONS FOR THE WIN! I love beacons... Please Please make soon and don't stay on Kickstarter forever... πŸ˜”
@as_austin Thanks Austin, *Puts salesman hat on* Back us on Kickstarter to make it happen ;) There's an early adopter pledge that'll get you preproduction units much sooner. We want to get to market ASAP!
As a museum lover I can totally see this being used all over the place for this purpose. A great solution.
@irvingtorresyc Absolutely! Those oldschool audio tour devices are so clunky.
I love beacons. There is so many different solutions using it, museums, shops... Box selling seams to be good way to popularisation it. Good luck James! Tell us about advantages over the or estimote. Best regards.
@marcinodchyl1 Thanks Marcin, me too! and Estimote beacons both require coding skills in order to use them (Live Beacon doesn't). I think there's an even bigger market for people who don't know how to code (or don't have the time!) and want to set up beacons quickly! Please fire across any questions, I'd love to answer them :)
@livebeaconjames @marcinodchyl1 I think your right. I hope this takes off! As a geocacher I think this would be awesome for this purpose. Are they water proof?
@andmpel @marcinodchyl1 Hi Andrew, That's a great application! Yup, IP67!
I have estimotes in my classroom now, but this looks really cool. Just backed the three pack! Hopefully it gets funded!
@chclteteacher BOOM! Thanks very much for your support Mike. What are you going to use them for?