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Hi all - Bobby here, Co-Founder @swishanalytics . At Swish, we love finding ways to leverage our machine-learning expertise to help fans dive deeper into their favorite sports and make the experience of watching a game more captivating. That's why we developed our Live A.I. app, with a low-latency, easy-to-navigate experience that feels like a true live genius in your pocket. Some primary features: - Swipe-able In-Game Win Probabilities: Let's face it; some games are just more exciting than others. And with live win probabilities that update with each play, you can you track the ebb-and-flow of a game in real time and know which games to devote your attention to and which you can stop wasting your time on. - Live Spread and Point Total Projections: There's all kinds of games: from blowouts to shootouts, nail-biters to laughers, Live A.I. can help you zero in on those games that are headed towards a climatic, last-minute score or those with the most expected points so you can plan your viewing and fantasy team strategy accordingly. - Play-By-Play Analysis: Everyone loves a deep pass or a dramatic strip-sack, but believe it or not, there's drama in even the most ordinary looking plays. With in-depth data breakdowns of plays as they happen, you can now stand toe-to-toe with even the most annoying know-it-all fan and shwo off your knowledge of the game like never before. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think or feel free to recommend any features you'd like to see included in future updates! If you're interested in licensing any portion of the app, data, or experience; shoot us a note!
I met the Swish team when they were part of the Dodgers Accelerator program. Loved the team and what they were building, and love the new Live A.I. app. Live A.I. lets fans, fantasy players, and sports bettors get data-driven probabilities for game outcomes as the games happen. It's fast and the info is easy to digest. Live A.I. may be new best friend on Sundays.
@frumpy thanks for the hunt, much appreciated! Enjoy tonight / this Sunday!
Watched TNF on @twitter last night and dreamed of how cool it would be to see stats like this below the game as an option other than the twitter feed. Thumbs up on the beautiful design too ๐Ÿ‘
I'm an analytics & stats junkie and the Swish app is a great tool for sports predictions. Live A.I. looks like a game changer for in-game win probabilities. Any plans to expand this to other sports? @buffalo__bob @ryanwhiley1231 @zackskelton
@faisalalkhalidi @ryanwhiley1231 @zackskelton Yes sir, MLB / NBA the likely next two additions. MLB specifically provides a perfect platform for this type of experience: a statistically-driven sport, repetitive 20s breaks in the game, time between innings, big-impact plays, etc.