Livblends "Machine"

Make great tasting smoothies in 30 secs with zero cleanup.

#1 Product of the DayAugust 02, 2014
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The LivBlends machine is a smart, self-cleaning blender for home and office that can process fruits, seeds, veggies and nuts within 30 seconds.With its pre-made single-portion smoothie pods, you get signature LivBlends recipes of unprocessed and unadulterated vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. Also checkout their smoothies made only with natural ingredients, and are gluten and dairy free. Fresh fruits,vegetables, seeds and nuts are blended not cold-pressed to retain all of their fiber, vitamins and minerals. LivBlends is a smoothie delivery to SF-based tech startups and individuals who order through the LivBlends website for now. It’s $3.25 for the 8 ounce bottles and $6 for the 16 ounce size. Currently delivers to all neighborhoods in San Francisco. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they deliver to San Mateo, Redwood City & Mountain View too. Also checkout Thistle hunted earlier.
@kwdinc They deliver through Spoonrocket pretty often too :)
@kwdinc I'm seriously in love with these smoothies.
@tommaxwelll yes! we deliver through SR every day :) pls send any recipe requests or feedback my way
@tommaxwelll whats your favorite blend ?
@alexisohanian whats your favorite blend ?
These are delicious!
@ZReitano whats your favorite blend ?
Self cleaning? Curious to hear how that works. If it's as good as it sounds, this could replaced my beloved Nutribullet (highly recommended).
@msarlitt precisely :) hopefully we can blend you a smoothie with the machine soon! tomorrow we'll be demoing it at YC Hacks for the first time, then again at Demo Day. we expect to have a fully operating machine at a company to be announced by September.
@elisepolezel awesome. You guys planning on posting any videos of it in action?
@msarlitt yes! making final refinements so will post closer to D Day
I've had Livblends smoothies and they're delicious. Even the Kale ones. And I hate Kale!
I've ordered a couple Livblend smoothies through Spoonrocket in the past. Very delicious! A bit expensive, but delicious.