Free URL shortener with premium features.

Litty is an early stage URL Shortener with Premium features. It gives you the opportunity to create custom alias of your choice. It also generates the QR Code of the shortened URL. In the upcoming version analytics dashboard and brand management will be added.
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@anuran_barman Thanks for shorter links!
There are lot of URL shortener on the web. But basics features which one should give come as premium. Frustrated by that I thought of making a URL shortener of my own to give everyone all those premium features for FREE.
Looks good. I've tried it a couple of times but any link created just seems to return me to the Litty website.
@robmcd86 Hi thanks for trying it out. Yeah there was a little bug in the app. Now it's fixed.
@robmcd86 may be for your browser is cached. refresh once and try with different url
@robmcd86 hey thanks for the feedback. It was indeed giving 404 on mobile devices. Now it's fixed. Thanks again.
Hello everyone, LiTTY Dashboard with analytics and url management is now available for use. Create your LiTTY account today at