Become a Happier, Calmer Version of Yourself



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Sajid ReshamwalaMaker@sajdoesresearch · Product Designer
Ahoy! It seems like cognitive science has taught us that, if given the right tools, we can change the way we think and feel in seconds. Unfortunately, due to years of conditioning, we often develop negative thought patterns that we're unaware of. LittleShift is a light-weight chatbot that helps you identify your negative thought patterns, gives you tools to think more productively, and finds ways for you to feel better in the moment. Whether you’re stressed out about a meeting or can’t quite figure out why you’re in a funk, LittleShift can help you figure out how to turn things around. This is our first shot at LittleShift and its part of our much larger goal to help people take back control of how they think and feel. We need as much of your direct and honest feedback as possible. If an accessible tool for mental well-being is an idea that you can get behind, give us an upvote and help us get feedback from other people like you :)