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emrahsaribazMaker@emrahsaribaz · Founder of LittlePlane
Dear Hunters, Little plane is a product for designers who desire not to create all design stencils again and again. It is our first product evaluated from our corporate needs. Our main approach is uploading design stencils to avoid unnecessary efforts while designing and building community to transfer your experiences. I hope you like the product and looking forward to your questions and suggestions. And finally, Please up vote!!!!!! Thanks, Emrah
Bogomil Shopov -Bogo@bogomep · Products. Experiences. Data. Privacy.
@emrahsaribaz It will be awesome if you convert them to balsamiq addon :)
emrahsaribazMaker@emrahsaribaz · Founder of LittlePlane
@bogomep it is a good idea, we'll think about it :)
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker · EIR @ vLAB
Bookmarking this lil' time-saver. Spend that "reinventing" energy on the non-wheels out there... #orsomething @emrahsaribaz @ademilter
emrahsaribazMaker@emrahsaribaz · Founder of LittlePlane
@elizabethhunker @ademilter we are waiting svgs from other designers to enlarge library and save time
Jordan Sztern@jsztern · Entrepreneur
Very nice. Cant wait to use it.
emrahsaribazMaker@emrahsaribaz · Founder of LittlePlane
@jsztern we are working on Mac App but you can use it right now :) download .svg stencils and open in sketch.
tini wini japa neezy@yougeekybastard · Graphic Designer
Hi! Not sure if its an isolated issue happening to me, but the form for newsletter is not ios friendly. Doesn't let me select the email box to input my email. This is via the safari webview via product hunt app on ios 10.
Germán Castaño@germancastano · IT Professional, Entrepreneur
This is a great idea, UX stencils in SVG could be very useful for many designers or entrepreneurs who need a prototype and you can use it even in Inkscape. That's awesome. Great job
emrahsaribazMaker@emrahsaribaz · Founder of LittlePlane
@germancastano Thanks :)