Little Traders

Hustle to invest in this crazy 1920s stock market game

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Thanks a lot for featuring our game here. Over the years of running, an online learning platform for financial markets, we've come across so many people who just didn't have the time, energy or motivation to pick up financial knowledge and skills. It all felt too abstract for them. At the same time that's a huge issue in our society when only very few people participate in the financial markets (currently it's roughly 7% of the world's population, including pension payments whereas already 20% are active on Facebook on a monthly basis). So we set out to create something that is simply fun and can be a door opener towards the financial world for people who enjoy games in general. Looking forward to your feedback!
Haha, you can hire little traders, fulfil trading missions, build new floors in your investment tower and stuff. You can actually learn valuable skills that you can also use for real trading and investing, without the loosing money part :D . Made by an actual stock trading education startup as a fun project and already blowing up in the Nordics. Fun stuff
@gidea Thanks a lot for this, Vlad, glad you're enjoying the game!
dammit. I already know that I'm gonna get addicted to this before even having downloaded the game. I get way too sucked into these kinds of games. 😩
@jnsdls Haha, enjoy, hope you like it!
Aka "Lose Money Simulator 2016" Love it!
@soerenes Never thought about it like that, we might indeed have some good timing ;)
I like the game, but please don't pause my music/podcasts. I like your in-game music, but I like mine better.
@bradmichelson sounds reasonable πŸ˜„, thanks for the feedback!
@sebkuhnert You got it! Been playing the app during my commutes since I downloaded it. Surprisingly addicting.
@bradmichelson Glad to hear it. I was flying back from our German launch event today (got some 15 minutes to show off the game before the movie "The Big Short" in a fully packed cinema) and also wanted to listen to an audio book while playing the game. I realised that we actually did cater to your needs already: You can go to settings and switch off music and sound. If you then switch on your music again, you will still be able to listen to it :).
@sebkuhnert I should have been more specific. I noticed that it paused what I was listening to when I opened the app. Personal pet peeve of mine when apps do that :)
@bradmichelson I see, understood, thanks for clarifying.