Little Robot Friends

Fun, expressive robots for learning code and electronics

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Hi Product Hunters! Thanks for hunting us @bramk, we're psyched to be here! Little Robot Friends are fun, expressive, and programmable robots that introduce curious kids (and adults) to the world of code and electronics. Beginners can start playing with the robots and customize their personalities with our easy to use app, then later you can teach your robot new tricks with our code tutorials. As you become pro, get creative and code your own robot tricks! The robots are packed with sensors (3x touch, photocell, microphone, accelerometer) and can communicate to each other via infrared and to the Internet via wifi. The battery is USB rechargeable. Three years ago Little Robot Friends got started on Kickstarter, since then we've been redesigning and making them more fun. Want one? or two? all three? Use code HAPPYHUNTER on our shop for 15% off! We're adding more tutorials and robot tricks every week. More IoT functions are also coming soon. Let us know if you have suggestions!
I love products that help kids to better understand technology and learn how to code 🙌 Go @annpoochareon & @phuongdiep!
dank je @bramk!
Little robot friends that help kids learn how to code! 🤗
Wish I had a tool like this as a kid, it's a great idea!!!
@carlos_cg1 Thanks Carlos!
@annpoochareon at what age kids this robot is designed for?
@narek_vardanyan 7-14 is the recommended age, although we have had success with younger geniuses too.
@narek_vardanyan thanks for checking us out, feel free to contact us if you have any questions - hello[at]