Little Pork Chop

Auto turns longer thoughts into series of 140 char tweets

#3 Product of the DayJune 08, 2014
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This was made for tweet storming @pmarca and @daniellemorrill. Clever, @davewiner. cc'ing @yvoschaap who created this nice little hack: pmarca Tweet Essays
nice tool. doubt it ever gets traction...
@OurielOhayon not that you're implying this but I think it's worth noting that not every creation or "weekend hack" needs to get traction. I love seeing little tools like this, in part because they inspire new ideas and you never really know how people will respond until it's out there.
yes. i like creative hacks
This is awesome! As much as I love seeing a @pmarca tweetstorm, he is probably only person on Twitter who doesn't "annoy" me by doing it. He has already made it more popular, and I just hope it doesn't become the norm. I always loved the challenge of thinking in 140 chars, and this takes away that challenge.