Little Moments of Love

A lovable collection of Catana Comics, in a book πŸ’•

Little Moments of Love is a sweet collection of comics about the simple, precious, silly, everyday moments that make up a relationship.

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I've been a fan of Catana Comics since I stumbled across it on the internet years ago and recently bought this for @suzywillow's bday (only $10.50 shipped via Amazon Prime). If it doesn't make you smile, you have no soul. P.S. If you dig this, download the Catana Comics imessage sticker app.
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@suzywillow @rrhoover πŸ˜„ these bring me so much joy, just bought the sticker pack so I can spam my SO
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Love Cantana comics! Been following their Instagram since they were at 200,000 followers and then hitting a million not soon after. Most loveable comics ever :) Going to gift this to my fiance very soon. So happy to see them on PH - good hunt @rrhoover
These are all too real. I started following Catana Comics' Instagram a year back because her comic scenes are spot on. πŸ˜†
This is too cute. No pants for the win.