Little Loving Hands

Let's help raise kind kids! Kids craft kits for a cause.

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I'm an entrepreneur, but importantly a mom. Little Loving Hands is the result of my desire to teach my two girls the importance of compassion and giving back to others in need on a regular basis. It's such an important lesson that I wanted to open up the opportunity to others with children in their lives.
This is really great - I would love to do something like this with my daughter, but I am not sure if it is age appropriate for her yet (she is only 18 months). It looks like you are based in America? Do you have any plans in the future to expand into other markets, like Canada?
@theblondedev Hi! The age target is from 3-9. We have found that older children have enjoyed it as well since they finally have a chance to help others. I would hope to expand internationally, but right now we are trying to first grow in the US.