Little Logger

Baby tracking application for iOS

Little Logger is an app for logging your baby’s activities, from feedings, diaper changes, growth, and sleep to pumping sessions, mood, and more. Little Logger is designed to make parenting less stressful, and help you remember all those important moments.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hello everyone! My name is Mohssen. I (along with help from my wonderful friends), created Little Logger to help me keep track of feedings, diaper changes, sleep times and more for my infant. Being a new parent, I struggled to remember the last time I fed my baby, or how many ounces of milk she drank last, or when was the last time she had a dirty diaper, or a million other things. I primarily needed a way to manage these events in a clean/understandable way. I found that other applications in this area were lacking in terms of usability and reliability. This project was designed to "scratch my own itch" in a way, but I hope it will help a lot of other sleep deprived parents out there! The main features are the ability to track the following events: • Feedings • Diaper Changes • Sleep • Pumpings • Growth • Milestones • Temperature • Mood • Medications • Illnesses • Vaccinations • Activities well as the ability to view metrics on your recorded events. I plan to continue adding additional events/feature in the future. I appreciate all the feedback I can get so let me know if you have any questions or concerns. To all the new parents reading this: Thanks! now get some sleep 😴