Little Bites of Cocoa

Daily tips and tricks for iOS & Mac developers via Twitter

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@jakemarsh is a pretty fantastic iOS dev and now he's finally sharing his experience digging into Objective-C and Swift with the community! Really excited to see where it goes and how this impacts younger devs especially!
@uberbryn thanks for submitting it! ahhhh freakout ๐Ÿ˜Ž Hello Product Hunt! I'm Jake and I created Little Bites of Cocoa. Thanks for checking it out. The concept is short bite-sized tips and tutorials for iOS and Mac development delivered as Tweets containing images. The images are designed to be the largest dimensions possible without Twitter beginning to force a crop. Some are actually animated GIFs to better illustrate different concepts. Since each post is just an image, it's SUPER shareable and easily consumable. I think its interesting that there is no real "click through" action required. The user can 'zoom in' to the image, but that's really it. For educational content, I think it's a fascinatingly unique interaction pattern from a product design point of view. Of course not all readers will prefer the image-based medium. For this reason, I also provide HTML versions of each bite on where you can subscribe via other common methods such as Email and RSS (each of which will provide the HTML content rather than images). I'd love to answer any questions anyone has or hear feedback on the idea or content you might wanna see! Thanks again for reading!
@jakemarsh loving the bites (so tasty). The daily pace is impressive!
@thomasmeagher thanks so much! Yeah daily content is SUPER tough, but so far it's going okay. Making as many in advance for the week as possible has been my strategy so far.
@jakemarsh good luck! Maybe let readers submit topic ideas?
@thomasmeagher yep I definitely plan to. Still working on some stuff around that :)