Little Bird

Social media influencer discovery and engagement tools

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Welcome, @marshallk! I've been following you since the days of RWW (I know, stalker alert!). Congrats on building your own startup. There's a big need to quantify and make sense of all of this publicly available data. Mattermark and similar products are tracking and measuring startups. Although for a different purpose, you're similarly doing this for people. How do most people use Little Bird and do you have any cool stories to share?
Marshall Kirkpatrickfounder, Little Bird
Thanks Graham! Discovery is step one but after that we provide scalable ways to help you learn from and engage with top influencers. By analyzing the connections between people (instead of keywords and popularity) we help you see where the future of your industry is likely to emerge, find it first and be a part of it! Check it out! Thanks for the review here and best of luck with Product Hunt!
Hunter Walk
Partner, Homebrew
one of those products that gets tied to the sometimes dirty word "influencer" marketing, but really more of a Discovery tool to identify the people/profiles most knowledgable about an area.
Graham Hunter
Startup Program @ Segment
Little bird is Awesome. They give you a list influencers ranked either by influence OR by velocity. This is important because the truly influential people get hit up all the time. By reaching out to "up and comers" you can get better results :)
Marshall Kirkpatrickfounder, Little Bird
Hi @rrhoover thanks! Looks like you've got a good community being built up here! Congrats! People use Little Bird in lots of different ways. The two most common are: 1. To inform and inspire Content Marketing: content creation and distribution. 2. To power and add intelligence to Social Selling: helping sales people increase their discoverability and credibility on social networks - then providing intelligence about the resulting leads that land in their pipeline. People use Little Bird in lots of other ways too, though. Check out this customer's write-up of how they use us to drive their Paid Search strategy, resulting in really high-quality leads: Thanks for asking! Hope you'll check out Little Bird too - we can help startups like ProductHunt scale your engagement with key influencers and build your social capital across multiple communities of interest to you.
Jordan Feldstein
Misc. Growth & User Acquisition
@marshallk The "request a trial" button on your homepage doesn't work.
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