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I like the approach that books are in the focus of this social network and it offers more than just reviews.
Todd and Jeff here from Litsy. We learned in starting Out of Print that the closest thing to matching the joy of a good read is talking about it. That's why we developed Litsy. Litsy is a community of booklovers sharing and discovering books. It's on iOS now, and we're working on Android and web. Many have described the Litsy experience as "Twitter meets Instagram" for books. We combined books with the best social media features to create a tool that is as fun as it is useful. We have an enthusiastic and positive beta community comprising readers of all backgrounds enjoying books together. If you love books and are excited to build the best book community from the ground up, we'd love for you to check it out and let us know what you think. Happy Reading! Todd and Jeff On Litsy: @todd | @jeff