Litographs Book Club

Thoughtful book recommendations from indie booksellers

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Hey @dannyfein @j_neary - what pushed you to make this?
@bentossell Hey Ben, we're always looking for ways to provide our community with unique experiences related to the books they're reading. This particular project grew out of the realization that even on a small team of book lovers, we were all reading different kinds of books at different speeds. The one thing we could all agree on was that it would be nice to be able to read more, but even when we found the time, it was daunting to choose that next book out of the vast collection of works we hadn't yet read. With Litographs Book Club, rather than stressing "read more, faster," we're highlighting a few thoughtful recommendations from the people who know books best so you can focus more on genuinely enjoying the next book you pick up, whenever that is.
This is a wonderful way to use technology to promote something low-tech. I love the handwritten shelf talkers - a great reminder of the experience of being in an independent bookstore. The mobile experience is spot on as well. Signed up for my decal and can't wait to get reading!
@twomoredays Thanks, Kim! We know makers are strapped for time that might not be best used wandering the stacks of a bookstore so we're really happy to hear that a little of the warmth of that personal experience is still coming across in the online version of these thoughtful recommendations.